The Thrive Income Annuity Toolbox(TM) is one of the most powerful and innovative suites of retirement income planning tools on the market today. Now, with its most recent update, you can incorporate tools such as guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits (GLWB's), life insurance as an asset class and more into your retirement income solutions. Through Thrive, you gain access to the entire universe of income annuities on the market today through Cannex. You no longer have to guess whether the annuity quote you provide to your client is the most competitive price available. By using Cannex, you guarantee it. The Thrive Income Annuity Toolbox provides the accuracy and flexibility you need to create the most optimized and creative solutions to your clients' retirement income challenges.

Thrive Income Model

Thrive Income Model - Easily analyze your clients' projected retirement income goals and offer powerful, secure and reliable income solutions. THRIVE's patented retirement income planning tool analyzes income annuities, GLWB riders and life insurance as an asset class.


CANNEX - Gain quote access to the complete universe of single premium immediate annuities (SPIAs) and deferred income annuities (DIAs), as well as other analytic tools exclusively available through THRIVE's Income Annuity Toolbox.

Sales Tips

Sales Tips - With a simple data-entry form, create beautiful, custom client reports that demonstrate recommended income solutions for any retirement situation.

Annuity BullDozer

Annuity BullDozer - Plow through the rubble! Separate fact from fiction by determining the true “Implied Yield” of GLWB/GMIB income riders for VA and FIA annuities. Seamlessly evaluate which combination provides the best outcome for each client situation.

Thrive U

Thrive University - For extreme retirement training, attend Curtis Cloke's two-day educational session on the most advanced retirement income planning concepts that can be provided by THRIVE's Income Annuity Toolbox (concepts as seen in the RICP designation study). More info

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